What Customers Are Saying About OSHATOES®

"I have worn steel toe shoes for 31 years and decided to give OSHATOES a try. You can't tell you are wearing a steel toe. No more steel toe shoes for me. Thanks!" ~ Linda S.

"Our employees love the OSHAtoes. Both female and male employees wear them. They fit over their own shoes. They are not as restrictive as other safety shoes and cut down on fatigue. They are especially good for hard to fit shoe size personnel." ~ Carmelita

"I love my oshatoes. Since I have to wear steel toes at work and I have tried just about everything out there this is the best solution because I can use my running shoes to fit under my oshatoes and my feet have never felt better. The new rubber ones seems to hold up alot better and the customer service and turn around time I have received is fabulous. I would suggest anyone try them and you'll love them. I also have a small foot and alot of the steel toes they don't make them in my size. I am so glad I found these oshatoes they have been a life saver for me and my feet. Thanks for great service and a great product." ~ Keri K.

"Who ever came up with the idea for the covers..needs to be thanked in a big way..i love them and i would not wear any other type of cover or steel toe shoe.. i can wear them with my regular tennis shoes and i feel great all day long .. again thanks for a great product..I told all my friends about them and now they are wearing them too..have a great day" ~ Angie S.