OSHATOES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I be getting my OSHATOES?
Most orders ship the same day from our warehouse. Average transit time is 1-3 days to any of the 48 contiguous states.

How do I return my purchase / OSHATOES?
Can I exchange for a different size?
Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with merchandise, you may return it in accordance with the terms & conditions below and we will refund eligible purchases.

All Oshatoes products bought on oshatoes.com can be returned within 30 days of placing your order. Your overshoes must be in original and unworn condition and must be sent back to their original packaging in new condition in order to get a reimbursement.

Send an email to Oshatoes customer service to sales@oshatoes.com Your e-mail must include the following information :

  • First name and last name
  • Full address
  • Phone number (daytime)
  • E-mail address
  • Product number and name
  • Size
  • The new size you would like to receive OR product picture and its defect
  • Copy of sales receipt

A Return Merchandise Authorization number will be provided once we have received your request.

Please note that the customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Allow around 15 days for returns processing to be completed and for the reimbursement to be issued. When the return is processed, you will receive an email to notify you. Refunds will be issued by the original method of payment, upon receipt and inspection of returned goods.

It is highly suggested to obtain a tracking number for your shipment back to us. It is unlikely, but there have been a few instances where packages have been lost by the carrier.

Are OSHATOES ANSI 175, C75 approved?
Yes. But, the most recent standard that replaces the ANSI spec is the ASTM2413-05 which specifies for Class I-75 impact and Class C-75 compression, and of course, we meet/exceed these applicable standards as well.

What does "Sizing is based on "shoe size" mean?
Because shoes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, it is sometimes a good idea to upsize your Oshatoes order by one full size. Varying factors such as shoe width, shoe sole style, shoe toe shape, etc, can vary how our product will fit over your shoes. If you are at the upper range of our sizing and have a wider foot or intend to wear an athletic shoe, you should go up one full size.

Is there a cheaper option than Priority like surface mail?
For small orders, the Priority Mail service of the USPS is the best combination of price, speed of delivery and convenience.

Can you provide any shipping discount?
We do all that we can to keep our shipping and handling costs to a minimum for you.

How much do OSHATOES weigh?
Our smallest size XS weighs 1.2# per pair, and the largest size, the XXL weighs in at 2# per pair. We are considerably lighter on your feet than are steel toe boots. We constantly get customer feedback that the wearing of our product allows them to be less tired at the end of their workday.

How thick are the soles?
The soles of our Oshatoes are about 3/16 of an inch thick.

If I wear size 11 shoes, I should get size 12 OSHATOES?
Again, this depends upon your style of shoe and/or whether you intend to wear an athletic shoe. Please refer to the 'sizing' question discussed previously.

Do you bend them to fit around shoes, or is there a belt etc. to wear them?
No bending, reaching, stretching, belting or jumping through hoops is required. Simply place the tip of your shoe into the molded-in steel toecap of the Oshatoes, and then stretch the heel of our product over the heel of your shoe. It is exactly the same as putting on a pair of rubbers to wear outside into the rain.

Do OSHATOES significantly stiffen or affect the the comfort of a running shoe?
No, they should have no effect on the shoe whatsoever.

Do these shoe covers have a non-slip/oil resistant sole?
Oshatoes have a slip-resistant sole, but some oils may affect the performance of our PVC product.

Do these meet ANSI Z41.1?
(see above)