OSHATOES are an easy answer to an ongoing question;

How do I get steel toe protection that is both affordable AND comfortable to wear?

Most people have trouble wearing steel toe boots, they are heavy, bulky, and just plain uncomfortable to wear. And, to many people, actually painful as well. They can cause blisters, sores, bunions, all kinds of nasty and painful problems. OSHATOES solve that problem for you, by letting you wear your own comfortable shoes or sneakers. Our OSHATOES are worn OVER THE SHOE, not over the sock, and therefore are the best alternative to steel toe boots.

Do OSHATOES meet all the current standards? Are they 'legal' ?

Absolutely, positively, yes, yes, yes. We use the same exact toe caps in OSHATOES as do the boot manufacturers, except that ours are worn on the OUTSIDE instead of the inside.

The steel toecap is molded into the OSHATOES foot covering, and will not fall out. The bond is so strong that you literally have to destroy the product in order to remove the toecap.

We offer the OSHATOES in 8 standard sizes, and in two non-conductive materials, PVC and 100% rubber. Both are stocked in large quantities for quick shipment, and both carry a 30 day warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

We want to welcome you to our ever-growing OSHATOES family!