Steel Toe Shoe Covers, Slip-on Safety Overshoes

OSHATOES, Steel Toe CoversWorn over your favorite, most comfortable shoes, OSHATOES are easy to put on and take off and offer the steel toe protection that you are looking for.

What makes OSHATOES®  so special?

Simply put... If you're required to wear steel toe at work wouldn't you want the most comfortable pair of steel toes available?

OSHATOES allow you to use a pair of your most comfortable footwear and add steel toe protection to them.

Sizing & Pricing

Slip Resistant Sole
- Light-weight and comfortable
- Quick and easy to put on and pull off
- Compact and easily stored
- Slip-Resistant
- Variety of sizes available
OSHATOES meet or exceed the following requirements
ASTM F 2413-05 (US)
ANSI Z41PT91 for Class 75 (US)
ASTM F 2412- 05 - Class 75 (US)
CE (European)
“It is a matter of professionalism for any visitor to an industrial facility to be prepared with appropriate clothing, footwear, flashlight, and common personal protective equipment. OSHATOES travel easily in a briefcase or overnight bag to be available when needed. I have only needed mine occasionally, but glad to have them and have recommended OSHATOES to colleagues.”
~ Jerry Heath

Wearing steel toe doesn't get any more comfortable than this!
OSHATOES, JET Black Steel Toe
OSHATOES, Quick Shipping Program