OSHATOES Steel Toe Safety Shoe Alternative

The OSHATOES safety toe work shoe is designed as easy-to-use protective footwear for any individual looking for foot protection for workplace requirement or for the home.

OSHATOES, Steel Toe AlternativeOSHATOES fit easily over boots, work shoes, sneakers and many other types of footwear giving practical and affordable steel toe protection for most any work environment.

Steel toe footwear is an important part of day to day work safety practices, Many companies require employees and anyone else on the production floor to wear this protection.

OSHATOES offer this protection at affordable prices, minimizing foot injuries and remaining comfortable to wear.

OSHATOES is the perfect safety toe alternative.

OSHATOES meet or exceed the following requirements

ASTM F 2413-05 (US)
ANSI Z41PT91 for Class 75 (US)
ASTM F 2412- 05 - Class 75 (US)
CE (European)

Does your company require workers to wear safety toes? OSHATOES can be worn as a temporary work shoe or long-lasting foot protection solution. The overshoes fit conveniently and comfortably over your current footwear, while protecting from falling or crush hazards.

OSHATOES steel toe overshoe have been tested using the highest toe protection standards and regulations, they are accepted by O.S.H.A. and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. OSHATOES conform to the EN345 200 Joules testing and meet or exceed safety shoes toe impact requirements.

If foot safety is your priority, OSHATOES are the answer to your safety footwear foot protection needs.