OSHATOES Steel Toe Foot Protection

OSHATOES® foot protection is designed to be worn for over shoes or sneakers for comfortable steel toe protection. Full-time or temporary workers benefit from the protection as well as keeping the comfort of wearing their chosen footwear. These safety overshoes are also the perfect choice for companies wishing to protect the feet of their workplace visitors.

Petals Steel Toe CoversOSHATOES are worn over your favorite shoes, boots or sneakers, this gives the user the ability to wear their favorite footwear while still complying with the steel toe requirement. This makes OSHATOES a great alternative to standard safety shoes and work boots.


Foot protection is mandatory in many manufacturing, industrial and distribution work places. Steel toe protection protects the wearers feet against falling objects and hazards.


OSHATOES are a lightweight alternative to traditional steel toe boots.
OSHATOES meet or exceed the following requirements
ASTM F 2413-05 (US)
ANSI Z41PT91 for Class 75 (US)
ASTM F 2412- 05 - Class 75 (US)
CE (European)

I really like my oshatoes. I have never found steeltoed shoes that didn't hurt my feet or rub a place on my big or little toe. Now my feet do not hurt or rub spots on my toes. Thank you oshatoes. ~ Vicki ~

If your company requires workers to provide their own steel toe safety shoes, steel toe boots or steel toe work boots, OSHATOES is also suitable as a permanent safety shoe alternative. OSHATOES are designed to fit snugly over existing shoes, providing a solid steel cap to protect the toes against accidental crushing or stubbing.


OSHATOES have been successfully tested to the highest standards required by toe protection regulations. OSHATOES conform with EN345 200 Joules and are accepted by O.S.H.A, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor. OSHATOES exceed the ASTM F 2412- 05 - Class 75 Toe Compression and Toe Impact Requirements.


Look to OSHATOES for steel toe protection, When foot protection is a concern look to OSHATOES to suit your safety shoe needs.

When you think steel toe protection, think OSHATOES.