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Metal Foot Guard w/Rubber Toe Clip & Strap

Metal Foot Guard w/Rubber Toe Clip & Strap

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Metal shields worn over shoes for maximum protection to the entire foot-instep as well as toes-against falling, rolling, or flying objects or accidental tool blows. They are designed to withstand an impact of 75 foot pounds, with a large safety factor designed in.

Sold as a Pair, or Single Item

Foot guards fit any shoe (no rights or lefts), up to 6-1/2" widths.

They are light enough to be worn comfortably all day.
Mens extra large aluminum alloy foot guard 6.5 wide, equipped with rubber strap and rubber toe cap.   5 high entrance for instep.

Attachment: Rubber Toe Clip, Crossbar and Rubber Toe Strap

  • Lightweight
  • Accomodates up to 6.5" Shoe Width
  • 5" high entrance for instep
  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Withstand Impact of 75 Ft. Lbs.

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