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ESD Foot Grounding Strips

ESD Foot Grounding Strips

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10 individual foot-grounding strips provide static protection and are ideal for one-time use applications. Excellent for short term use by visitors in electronics manufacturing or for field service and remote electronic equipment installations. This heel grounder provides a conductive path from the person to the walking surface. Adhesive holds the strip firmly in place. Yellow color makes verification simple.

The ESD Grounding Strip is a low cost personal grounder that is ideal for one-time or limited use applications. By providing a conductive pathway from the person to the ESD-safe walking surface, the ESD Grounding Strip provides excellent, temporary static protection at a low price.

Adhesive at one end of the grounding strip secures it to the bottom of the shoe. The other end tucks inside the heel of the shoe without need for adhesives or metal clips that might mar the upper part of the shoe.

  • Low cost static control for visitors and temporary situations
  • Conductive connection from person to walking surface
  • Simple application encourages use
  • No glue or metal to mark the upper part of the shoe
  • Yellow color for high visibility

  • Specifications:
    Resistance: Less than 1 megohm
    Color: Yellow and black

    Wear grounding strips on both shoes to maintain ground contact when walking.
    Excessive dirt on the shoe sole may reduce the adhesion of the grounding strip to the shoe.
    These grounders do not contain a 1 Meg resistance. Exercise appropriate precautions near exposed voltage.

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